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Tryout for our 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring Season

The Emerson Eagles Soccer Club is an exciting opportunity for your player to excel at the next level of soccer.  As part of the Northern Counties Soccer Association, a program with over 800 soccer teams, Emerson Eagles offer a competitive soccer experience right in our own backyard.

The Emerson Eagles Soccer Club is unique in our ability to build and develop competitive soccer teams all from within our close knit town.  Considering the fact that many teams we play against pull from multiple towns, the Emerson Eagles program ranks with some of the best around.  

As part of your player's experience, they receive training from the New York Red Bulls Training Program, a relationship that has and will continue to promote growth for our players.

We look forward to continued advancement of our program and take pride in how far we have come.

New for 2017/18

Tryout Format-
Groups will be created by Birth year and existing teams ( Please see schedule below)  
New players-  you are encouraged to attend your birth year as per the new USSF Player Development Guidelines

Click here to register for the Emerson Eagles Club Soccer Tryout. This must be done prior to attending any tryout.  Bring with you the email confirmation after registering under our Registration portal.  *We are using the registration portal to make sure we have the waiver form completed and the right number of trainer to player ratio, so please make sure you register online 

GenderBirth YearTeam DescriptionTryout DateTrainerTryout LocationTryout Time
Boys2003/2004/2005Team DubiloWed, May 31 2017AdelTurf Field7.30PM-9.00PM
Boys2003/2004/2005Team PainoThu, June 1 2017AdelTurf Field7.30PM-9.00PM
Boys2006/2007Team LachmanWed, May 31 2017AdelTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Boys2007/2008Team ButlerTue, May 30 2017AdelTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Boys2007/2008Team MancinoWed, May 31 2017GiuseppeTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Boys2008/2009Team SmithThu, June 1 2017AdelTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Boys2009/2010Red Bull ManagedMon.June 5 2017Red BullsGrad Field7.00PM-8.00PM

Girls2003/2004Team QuinonesFri, June 2 2017AdelTurf Field7.30PM-8.30PM
Girls2004/2005Team GromponeFri, June 2 2017
AndrewTurf Firld6.00PM-7.00PM
Girls2005/2006Team RiversTue,May 30 2017
Red BullsTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Girls2006/2007Team WorthingtonFri, June 2 2017
AdelTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Girls2008/2009/2010Team MessickFri, June 2 2017
GiuseppeTurf Field6.00PM-7.30PM
Girls2009/2010Red Bulls ManagedMon. June 5 2017
Red BullsGrad Field6.00PM-7.00PM

Tryout Schedule - 2018 To be announced in April

To Be Updated in April