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Soccer Update:  Sept 2018

Club Soccer Practice Schedule is now posted ( Click on the Schedules Tab)


Important Dates:

TBA- Picture Day Weekend - Reschedule Pending

10/12/18 Friday- Soccer Social 

TBA- World Cup Weekend  

Emerson Soccer Board Members / Roles
Chris Butler - President -chris.butler01@gmail.com
Paul Lauterback - VP - plauterback@icloud.com
Bob Quinones - Interim- Treasurer -bqebay211@yahoo.com
Mike Saccente - Registrar and Dir. of Equipment and Uniforms -mike4wd71@aol.com
Dave Pasqualino - Dir. of Youth Referees -dxray@optonline.net
Peter Grompone - Dir. Rec Soccer -petro74@aol.com
Bart Blanken - Dir of Fields - bartblanken74@hotmail.com

Suzie Smith - Dir. of Pre-K soccer/Rec Soccer -suz.germ@verizon.net


IMPORTANT: Below illustrates the areas of the Emerson High School Parking lot that there is no parking at any time.  Violators could be towed and/or ticketed.  In addition the soccer team could lose turf field privileges. 

Emerson Eagles Soccer Club